Badly Drawn DJs - Supporter Drawing & Instagram Post

Badly Drawn DJs - Supporter Drawing & Instagram Post

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Hey everyone, 

I've had so many people asking me about how they get a drawing done, and with lockdown lifting I've got less time to draw everyone I'd like. 

So, I'll be offering 1 'Supporter Drawings' a week, for anyone who'd like to skip the queue on a wait for a picture, (and also support me, a skint independent artist stuck in the box room at my parents). 

It's the cost of my normal custom drawings, but I'll also upload you to my Badly Drawn DJs feed as a 'supporter post' on a date and time that suits you (just give me about a 5-7 days to get it drawn if possible). 

I'll also send out the original A3 signed drawing to you, plus a digital copy of the drawing and the video.

Portrait dimensions are: 11.7 x 16.5 inches (A3) 

After making your purchase, simply send the photo that you'd like me to draw to:

If they happen to all sell out, I'll upload 1 more every Monday.