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Hey, I'm Sean! Thanks for visiting Badly Drawn DJs.

A bit about me and Badly Drawn DJs...

Hi, I'm Sean. I'm an artist living and working in the UK. After many years saying I was going to, it took a pandemic to finally get round to drawing some of my favourite DJs and producers. I've got so many more I want/need to draw. The support has been really overwhelming so far, so I'll keep going until people get fed up.   

Previously, I've been referred to as "fashion's favourite illustrator" by Dazed, while i-D described Badly Drawn Models as "the fashion world's favourite Instagram".

I started drawing professionally a few years ago and I've since worked all over the world, drawing at parties and events for brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Apple and Selfridges. 

If you want me to draw at your portrait, or at your next party / event, or if there's anything else you'd like to know, please just get in touch.


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